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As a business grows, old manual processes are no longer practical, and can even be unreliable. Customized software can automate those processes, but that requires investing a lot of time and money before any benefits can be realized. The other option is to implement off-the-shelf enterprise applications provided by SAP, Oracle’s Siebel and others, which can be configured to suit each company’s business processes.

Implementing a SAP or Siebel application requires the right personnel to configure and integrate it to suit your processes and yield the desired results. Most of the development tools are complex tools, requiring specialist capabilities. A trusted implementation partner is vital for success. One partner that businesses across the can globe trust is VisualBeam.

VisualBeam provides a full life cycle support for SAP and Siebel enterprise application implementation.  This starts right from the requirements gathering phase and progresses to an analysis of the requirements, selection of technology and architecture, system design, project planning, implementation, testing, deployment, and ongoing support

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