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Post Implementation Support

Sometimes the effort involved in managing a software solution once it is deployed is much greater than developing the solution itself.  A robust solution can just fall apart due to lack of professional post-deployment support. Most people do not appreciate that solutions are rarely stable on their own after they are deployed.  Usually it is just the beginning of another vital activity – Post Implementation Support.

Organizations may not have the in-house expertise to focus on this crucial stage of the solution. VisualBeam recognizes this fact and offers Post Implementation Support services that take care of the finer aspects, providing what is expected after a deployment – Peace of Mind.

Our post-deployment support team has experienced engineers that provide effective technical solutions for problems as they occur. The team is available 24X7 with support via email and/or phone, and, with customer permission, we access the system remotely. This gives us a real-time view of the problem, for an effective and timely resolution.

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